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Steve Jobs Action Figure Gets Trashed

As a cultural icon, it's no surprise that companies would seek to "immortalize" Steve Jobs by creating products in his image. One company released an eerily realistic Steve Jobs "Action Figure"... and was quickly shot down by Apple.

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How the President, Celebrities and the Internet Are Mourning Steve Jobs

Since the news that Steve Jobs passed away this past Wednesday, the reaction from the world has been nothing short of incredible. Mere hours after I heard about it, I received a tearful phone call from my cousin at college, who talked of a 500-person candlelight vigil on campus. There were post-it notes with "Thank You Steve" plastered all over the Apple Store.

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Green LEGOs and Ham

Look, I know the title of this post features a pun shittier than that of an Ayn Rand novel but isn’t this neat? Someone took the time to make a couple of eggs and a delicious-looking green ham from everyone’s favorite building block. Now if only they could make a full blown creation of The Lorax, one of my favorite ...

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The Pac-Man Tribute Video

[ev type=”youtube” data=”htl_vwkZWHw”][/ev] The music track is a song called “Pac-Man” by Power-Pill, better known as Aphex Twin. Check out this awesome tribute to one of the most beloved game characters. — Andrew Dobrow YouTube Video

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