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Apple Raising iTMS Prices

Oh shit! If you’re one of the suckers consumers that pays for tracks on iTunes, your world is about to get flipped upside down. Starting April 7th, Apple will charge more than $.99 for songs with popular tracks shooting up to $1.29. This, according to the LA Times, has been in the works for awhile and Apple has apparently let ...

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Rock Band To Get Nearly 5000 Tracks This Year

According to Billboard, the ever-popular Rock Band is due to get “as many as 5000” new tracks this year via downloadable content. The report comes as I completed “…And Justice For All” on Expert at 100% last night. Harmonix has already released over 500 songs for the Rock Band series, putting it way above the number of tracks Guitar Hero: ...

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Microsoft Changes Zune Subscription Plan

Love it or hate it, the Zune isn’t the hit Microsoft hoped that it would be. The current $14.95 a month Zune Pass subscription model hasn’t been attracting enough subscribers, so in an effort to generate more revenue, Microsoft will offer subscribers 10 free tracks to keep each month. 10 free songs a month isn’t a bad idea, but it’s ...

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