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Apple MacBook Touch Details Revealed?

A reliable source has apparently spilled some details about Apple’s rumored upcoming MacBook Touch. The source touts the Touch as a “fusion” device, combining the worlds of the MacBook and the iPhone with a 9″ touch screen. An iPhone emulator will allow users to buy and use applications from the App Store. The source claims there will be no camera, ...

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First “Window” XP dumbphone, Microsoft screams WTF

Chinese phone companies are amazing, after ripping off Porsche they’re going after Microsoft today… but this time it really deserves some attention. First off it houses a 3″ QVGA touch screen in a 17mm thin body, booo Nokia. Secondly it has stereo speakers, booo SonyEricsson; but seriously we’re starting to feel sorry for Microsoft, their Vista sold only 244 copies ...

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