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The Evolution of Batman

Since the debut of Batman on screen in 1943, the Caped Crusader has gone through transformation after transformation, costume change after costume change, some more subtle than others. When looked at in their entire scope, the changes over the years have essentially made the Batman a new person altogether. From the Batsuit’s days of thin spandex-like material, more akin to ...

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The History of the Internet (Infographic)

I’ve read about the history of the net from probably well-near 100 sources overall. I probably didn’t absorb everything I’ve read, but I swear, everytime I read one of these tremendous infographics, I learn new things. Everything from J.C. R. Licklider’s 1962 concept of an “intergalactic network” to the end of 2009, in which mobile data exceeded that of voice ...

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The Game Boy Timeline

Game Boy turned 20 this week! Isn’t that amazing? I remember, specifically, receiving the very first model when I was 3 years old. It came with Tetris and I soon purchased Metroid II and Super Mario Land. The batteries died in minutes, the screen was hard to look at but more importantly, it was a portable gaming monster that kept ...

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