The History of the Internet (Infographic)

I’ve read about the history of the net from probably well-near 100 sources overall. I probably didn’t absorb everything I’ve read, but I swear, everytime I read one of these tremendous infographics, I learn new things.

Everything from J.C. R. Licklider’s 1962 concept of an “intergalactic network” to the end of 2009, in which mobile data exceeded that of voice traffic every single month, globally exceeding an annual exabyte (a billion gigabytes) of mobile data or the first time ever. What will be the next achievement on the timeline of the Internet? Any predictions? I’m betting on full cloud-based systems in which all we need is a motherboard and a processor. Either that or digital handjobs. It would sure beat sitting on my hand until it’s numb, probably even better then Stroke on a Rope.


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