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Verizon Wireless Ups The Ante

Verizon is digging deep in to the pockets of its corporate users by charging an additional three cents per text message sent to its customers. This won’t affect you when you’re texting your friends, however it will affect standard-rate and premium programs of mobile terminated messages. That includes text alerts, interactive voting notifications, SMS search responses and pretty much anything ...

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Kassou Concept Wishes It Could Fly

What in the blue fuck is this thing? The strangest looking compact three wheel concept car we’ve ever seen, even stranger than the Cerva MC08. It’s called the Kassou, which means “glide” in Japanese and it’s from designer Britisher Dunderdale. It came in second place at the Car Design News Contest 2008, most likely due to it’s unique flexible rubber ...

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Three-Dimensional Printer Thinks Green

Industrial design students at Victoria University presented innovative prototypes. The project was to design and make an eco-friendly three-dimensional printer in four weeks with a limited budget. Some crazy designs came out of the printers created but my favorite is the “Equinox”, pictured above. It focuses the power of the sun to selectively dry layers of recycled paint which in ...

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Tie-Fighter Display Looks Just Like Death Star Schematic Hologram

Holographic images are no longer exclusive to science fiction films thanks to the ICT Graphics Lab at USC.� Three-Dimensional displays have proven to be quite difficult to emulate, suffering from problems such as small viewing areas and high costs.� Using spinning mirrors, high-speed DLP projections and very precise mathematics, the crew at USC are able to display nearly 5,000 individual ...

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The Hexapod Robot CNC Router is a 3-D Sculpting Machine!

This DIY project from Matt Denton is a six-legged robot that’s able to crawl onto a malleable surface and begin cutting images into it. Though the original design called for a basic pen for drawing, the robot’s now equipped with a cutting tool able to mill three-dimensional surfaces into high density foam.� It takes nearly 30 minutes to complete the ...

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