Tie-Fighter Display Looks Just Like Death Star Schematic Hologram

Holographic images are no longer exclusive to science fiction films thanks to the ICT Graphics Lab at USC.� Three-Dimensional displays have proven to be quite difficult to emulate, suffering from problems such as small viewing areas and high costs.� Using spinning mirrors, high-speed DLP projections and very precise mathematics, the crew at USC are able to display nearly 5,000 individual images reflected every second which come together to create a real-space three-dimensional object. In this case, they’ve displayed a Star Wars imperial tie-fighter.

They’ve also created a formula that renders specific projections at different heights and traces each projected beam back to the display. This way, the projection always finds the correct position of the viewer. So regardless of where you’re standing, the tie-fighter will always be a tie-fighter.� This is a huge breakthrough in three-dimensional holographs that could eventually lead to Cortana-like women everywhere.

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  1. The occlusion part is very interesting as normal volumetric displays generate a transparent image. I wish I thought of it.

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