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It’s a piece of heater: Greenwood’s 38mm thin GMP-150

Not every house has a central heating system, in fact, not everybody likes central heating. It makes your skin dry, it hikes up your power bill and it gets the whole house stink. The reason why we don’t like heaters too much is mainly because of their shapes and sizes. Greenwood Japan has started selling their minipanel heater that can ...

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Walletex: an MP3 player with your credit cards

So now that the Zune has come out, everyone is griping about how big it is compared to the iPod. Then take the Nano compared to the iPod. Then take the Shuffle compared to the Nano. Once you get to the Walletex compared to the Shuffle, that’s where we stop. The Walletex is currently the slimmest/thinnest MP3 player, and its ...

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Samsung SGH-Z720 might blow away in the wind

It’s only a matter of time until our mobile devices are so thin and light that they begin to blow away in the wind. The new Samsung SGH-Z720 is officially the thinnest HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) slider phone coming in at 13.8mm thick (or thin). In case you care, yes, that is .1mm less than the Motorola RAZR, the ...

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