Walletex: an MP3 player with your credit cards

walletex wallet mp3 player

So now that the Zune has come out, everyone is griping about how big it is compared to the iPod. Then take the Nano compared to the iPod. Then take the Shuffle compared to the Nano. Once you get to the Walletex compared to the Shuffle, that’s where we stop. The Walletex is currently the slimmest/thinnest MP3 player, and its intended purpose is not to find a place in your pocket; it is aiming for your wallet. So how thin is it? It is so thin that your headphones can’t be plugged directly into the little device. You need to connect a USB adapter to it, which then allows you to go to your headphones with their humongous 1/8-inch plug. The Walletex is both water and dust proof, but swimming with it probably isn’t recommended. The players are set to go on the market in June of ’07 and range in capacities from the lowly 128MB to an entire 2GB.

walletex wallet mp3 player

Nik Gomez

Walletex Ultra Thin Wallet MP3 Player [Anything But iPod]

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