It’s a piece of heater: Greenwood’s 38mm thin GMP-150

greenwood gmp-150

Not every house has a central heating system, in fact, not everybody likes central heating. It makes your skin dry, it hikes up your power bill and it gets the whole house stink. The reason why we don’t like heaters too much is mainly because of their shapes and sizes. Greenwood Japan has started selling their minipanel heater that can also serve as a warm water bag for your gouty legs. The panel itself measures 51 by 38 cm, and the thickness is merely 3.8cm. Impress Japan has taken the heater out for a spin and reported that it worked quite well. No it won’t be able to heat up the whole room, but it will keep you warm as long as you’re sitting next to it. Also, the power consumption is less than a 6th of that of an air-conditioner, and it can reach the blindspots of central heating. The GMP-150 is selling between 5000 to 6000 yen ($55) ┬áin Japan now.

greenwood gmp-150

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Greenwood GMP-150 Review [Impress Japan]

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