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Lux Solar Necklace

What do you get when you combine Blade Runner, the Sun and Kate Moss?A piece of “jewelry” known as the Lux. It’s a solar panel necklace that you wear around at day and when night comes, the pretty white lights come on. With two hours of sunlight a day, you can light up the night bright as a kite for ...

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Dual Touchscreen Gives Gamers A Potential Date

No, it’s not the Nintendo DS in arcade form, it’s a touch panel display that can be operated by touching either side of the panel. It’s almost two-player Nintendo DS action except it has lame graphics and a wall separating the players. That’s alright, Tic-Tac-Toe is still a kick ass game. Teraokaseiko Co Ltd. displayed this technology at the Sign ...

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World’s Tiniest Solar Car Crashes Into Bread Crumb

In the future everything is microscopic. We’ve got robots that can get inside your intestines to distribute medicine with their tiny robot hands, but what about solar race cars no bigger than a quarter? Now we’ve got those too. This 33 x 22mm car runs on light, artificial or otherwise. Just chase after it with a flashlight and watch it ...

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Dyed Glass Makes For Better Solar Power

In an attempt to turn everyday household windows into solar panels, two MIT researchers have created “organic solar concentrators” out of dyed glass that could potentially increase traditional solar panel efficiency by 50%. Imagine fulfilling all your electrical needs with the help of your typical household glass windows. I sure hope you haven’t desecrated your roof with inefficient solar paneling ...

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It’s a piece of heater: Greenwood’s 38mm thin GMP-150

Not every house has a central heating system, in fact, not everybody likes central heating. It makes your skin dry, it hikes up your power bill and it gets the whole house stink. The reason why we don’t like heaters too much is mainly because of their shapes and sizes. Greenwood Japan has started selling their minipanel heater that can ...

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