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Simpson Meets Dali: The Simpsons and The Persistance of Memory

“The Persistance of Memory” is probably the most iconic surrealistic painting of all time, instantly recognizable as the product of the the equally recognizable Salvador Dali. Flickr user Zeitan created this awesome ode to modern culture with the molding of The Simpsons into Dali’s famous pocket watch melting canvas. More than 20 years since The Simpsons first entered the limelight ...

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Smokey the Bear Vomiting Fire and Other Results of Surrealism Meets Pop Art

If you’re the type of person who considers Wilma Flintstone’s nipple and Mr. Peanut beating the living hell out of a California Raisin pieces of art, seek professional help… immediately. Actually no, wait a second. First you can look at these surrealistic pieces of pop art by Todd Schoor, which melds together the bizarre with the overplayed. If you happen ...

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Salvador Dali Clock Adds A Mustached Dose of Surrealism To Timekeeping

Possibly the owner of the greatest and most influential mustache in the history of art, Salvador Dali was a master of his medium. His life was the arts. One of his most famous works, The Persistance of Memory, shows a series of melting and morphing clocks. This wall timepiece is designed to invoke a similar feel of surrealism and mutated ...

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Lamp In A Bulb to trip out stoners for a while

People sometimes have anxiety over leaving their druggy relatives at home, worried that they will either light the house on fire or cause neighbors to call the police because of the loud and incessant Grateful Dead music seeping from their bedroom window. Just plop them down in front of the Lamp In A Bulb light, and they’ll be amazed for ...

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2004 Olympic Hybrid Runner: The Genius of Koichiro Tsujikawa

[ev type=”youtube” data=”Rwtu77p4U_w”][/ev] A self-taught surreal video producer, Koichiro Tsujikawa was commissioned by Panasonic for the 2004 Olympics to make this forgotten video. Tsujikawa’s videos are always unique. He is also known for doing music videos for electronic band, Cornelius, with stop-motion video effects. This video was just too cool to pass up. Check out this half runner, half motorized ...

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