Lamp In A Bulb to trip out stoners for a while


People sometimes have anxiety over leaving their druggy relatives at home, worried that they will either light the house on fire or cause neighbors to call the police because of the loud and incessant Grateful Dead music seeping from their bedroom window. Just plop them down in front of the Lamp In A Bulb light, and they’ll be amazed for hours, unable to decide if they are seeing some surreal product or still on an acid trip.

The Lamp In A Bulb is an awesome design for a light that would look great anywhere in the house, except maybe the laundry room. Designers named it the Blow Table Lamp, but this name doesn’t seem to live up to the hype, so I personally decided to change the name myself for posting purposes. Hey, ever heard of creative license? Well, we’re drowning in it. The lamp is made of chrome and brushed aluminum, encased in a clear crystal globe (probably not a good idea to leave around children or stoners….oops, forget about what we said earlier). Props to Studio Italia for the awesome design, fo sho. — Andrew Dobrow

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