Smokey the Bear Vomiting Fire and Other Results of Surrealism Meets Pop Art

If you’re the type of person who considers Wilma Flintstone’s nipple and Mr. Peanut beating the living hell out of a California Raisin pieces of art, seek professional help… immediately. Actually no, wait a second. First you can look at these surrealistic pieces of pop art by Todd Schoor, which melds together the bizarre with the overplayed.

If you happen to be in LA over the next few weeks, and you’re the type of mental patient that finds this sort of thing appealing, you’d be hard pressed not to find a better place to feed your surreal desires then Todd Schoor’s “Designed for Extinction” exhibition being held at Otis College of Art & Design until September 11, 2010. I, for one, will be lugging my Lithium pills over there for a look if I get the chance, but probably won’t because I’m obligated to stay in my cell until at least my next parole hearing.

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