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Elderly Superheroes: Kryptonite Isn’t the Only Thing Able to Defeat Superman

Being super doesn’t make you immortal. The superheroes from our childhood are starting to look a little older than we’d like to admit. Poor Superman has lowered himself into using a walker (hopefully not made of Kryptonite). Catwoman is fast asleep in her rocking recliner. The Hulk has withered into a hulking couch potato. Times they are a-changing. The elderly ...

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Superhero Robes: It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No! It’s an Average Man!

Who hasn’t dreamed of one day being a superhero? It’s one of those ambitions that you never lose as you transition from child to adult. When you’re a kid, you wear pajamas featuring your favorite superhero’s emblem. Some PJs even featured a cape for ultra-realism. Now, as adults, we can get somewhat of the same effect in a slightly matured ...

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5 Easily Obtainable Gadgets Will Make You A Superhero

Wired.com has compiled a list of easily obtainable gadgets that’ll have you wearing tights quicker than Billy Elliot. If you’ve got cash like Tony Stark, chances are you were born to be a super hero. Super-natural powers are overrated. Batman kicks the piss out of everyone, so all you need are the right gadgets. A grappling hook, jet pack, X-ray ...

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Kryptonite Replica Display: Multi-Colored Death

� Christopher Reeves only had two enemies whom attacked his vulnerabilities the worst: Horses and Kryptonite, both for different reasons. Kryptonite was among the only materials known to man which could bring the mighty Superman to his knees (other than Lois Lane, of course.) Rumor has it that Superman used Kryptonite as an excuse for his super limp noodle. “Are ...

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Fly with Superman AM/FM Clock Radio

Ever since you were a little kid you�ve wanted to be like superman, running around in tights and having your own symbol for everyone to know you by; don�t deny it. Well now you can fulfill your dream (at least part of it) of being like Superman with the Superman Projection AM/FM Clock Radio; no, this does not give you ...

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