Kryptonite Replica Display: Multi-Colored Death


Christopher Reeves only had two enemies whom attacked his vulnerabilities the worst: Horses and Kryptonite, both for different reasons. Kryptonite was among the only materials known to man which could bring the mighty Superman to his knees (other than Lois Lane, of course.)

Rumor has it that Superman used Kryptonite as an excuse for his super limp noodle. “Are these sheets made of Kryptonite? Because, uh, you know, it sometimes has that effect.”

Designed in special protective casing, the Red, Gold, Blue and Green Kryptonite meteorites are all on display with this replica. Measuring 7.25″ x 10.75″ x 9.5″, the Kryptonite Replica Display is pure poison for anyone from the planet Krypton, but should be fine for us earthlings. Get your own for $275.

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