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Final Fantasy Tactics Coming to PS3, PSP

Call me biased, but my favorite game for the original PlayStation is Final Fantasy Tactics. You can imagine my excitement when I read that the ESRB has rated Tactics for release on PSN. It’ll be available for download for both the PS3 and PSP and I’m guessing it’ll be priced around $9.99. The real question is, will they fix the ...

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Breaking: Square-Enix Buys Eidos

Whether you’re a fan of Lara Croft or just get a boner for anything Final Fantasy related, you’ll now be pleased to know that Eidos has accepted a bid of about $118 million from Square-Enix. This could very well mean that in the not-too-distant future, Square characters could be making their way to Eidos titles and vice versa. Actually, fat ...

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Nintendo Is Finally Sick Of Pirates

At long last, Nintendo has taken legal action towards companies developing and distributing DS pirating tools, such as the R5 or R4. Nintendo, backed by 54 game software companies including Capcom, SNK, Taito, Tecmo and Square Enix are filing a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court against companies that profit from Nintendo’s losses. Nintendo stated that this piracy, “is causing ...

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