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Smell of Books: The Cure for Print Withdrawal

I’m sort of worried that if I invest so much money in a Kindle, I’m going to have some serious tactile and olfactory withdrawal. And I don’t think I’m along. We need to feel the book in our hands and smell the scent that only a newly cracked-open book can emit. “Smell of Books” aerosol spray allows you to simulate ...

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Spray Skin On Your Burnt Flesh

This skin spraying gun makes you feel like you’re Wolverine. Stem-cell infused skin is discharged from the nozzle onto a wound to expedite the healing process to just hours. Alright, so it’s not quite Wolverine’s mutant healing powers, it’s still better than your natural tissue regeneration, pussy. This is not to be confused with the spray on condom. $250 million ...

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Spray On Condoms Won’t Melt In Your Mouth

How is a guy honestly supposed to know that what he’s got packin’ beneath his loin cloth will fit in a Trojan Magnum? There’s no size declared on the box. These companies leave you to trial-and-error until you find the perfect fit. Well that isn’t the case anymore.� Scientists from Condom Consultancy in Germany have invented a revolutionary spray on ...

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