Spray On Condoms Won’t Melt In Your Mouth

How is a guy honestly supposed to know that what he’s got packin’ beneath his loin cloth will fit in a Trojan Magnum? There’s no size declared on the box. These companies leave you to trial-and-error until you find the perfect fit. Well that isn’t the case anymore.� Scientists from Condom Consultancy in Germany have invented a revolutionary spray on condom that pumps liquid latex onto your cock and then dries within 20-25 seconds to become a condom.

They hope to cut the solidifying time down by 10 seconds because after 20-25 seconds of you staring down at your own penis, waiting for the condom to form, you’re bound to lose your edge.� See what even the faintest of distractions can do to a man, even in the heat of passion?
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