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Renewable Energy Revolving Door: Siphon Power From Holiday Tramplers

At Gearfuse, we’re all about world firsts. World’s first person to not shit after drinking a gallon of prune juice or world’s first ninja dog are the kinds of world firsts we’re used to seeing. How about the world’s first energy generating revolving door? That’s the idea behind this revolving door built by Boon Edam. It harvests the kinetic energy ...

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Illuminating Solar Window Blinds Replace Lamps

I’m constantly in search of the strangest lamps and light sources for my bedroom. The solar vertical lamp is much different than your traditional lamp. For one thing, there’s no bulb or electricity powering it. It’s a light source integrated into your window’s vertical blinds that has solar panels on one side that power a LED floor/table lamp or a ...

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Open Source “Game Boy” Made With An Arduino

Here’s an Arduino with a shitload of modules and shields attached to it. Blogger Matt sells these on his site, Liquidware.com, for $249.93. It comes with an Arduino, a MeCap Backpack, a TouchShield Stealth, an ExtenderShield and an InputShield. The TouchShield reads the position of the joystick, and outputs a little colored dot on the TouchShield screen. It’s essentially an ...

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18-year-old Responsible For False Jobs Rumor

Steve Jobs is dead. Steve Jobs is not dead. Steve Jobs is sick. Steve Jobs is not sick. I’m sick of this shit. Clearly, Steve Jobs is immortal and all this news of his demise is a load of cow dung. Who makes this crap up anyway? The SEC tracked down the little bastard responsible, who just so happens to ...

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Introducing: Google Chrome

Tomorrow, Google will be launching the beta version of Google Chrome in more than 100 countries. Chrome is it’s new browser and while it may seem like it’s aimed at Internet Explorer or Firefox, Google is really targeting Windows. Google wants Chrome to be nothing short of a full on desktop operating system that could give Windows a run for ...

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Is It a Candle or a Lamp? Make Up Your Fuckin’ Mind

Designer Adrien Rovero got confused when coming up with the Candlelight electric light. Half romantic candlelight dinner, half-end-table study lamp. You’ll either impress your date for the evening or confuse her. It’s a simple decision: light the candle or flick the switch? Or you could even light ’em both up simultaneously. After dropping $150 on this dual light source, you’ll ...

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