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Insider: SonyEricsson going kinky with hinges

We’ve seen straight phones and bi (dual hinge) phones, we’ve seen slider phones and swivel phones. Having informally stating that they’re giving up on swivel phones (not forever, hopefully), SonyEricsson is said to be working on yet another form factor. Supposedly the newly designed hinge will do what the W44S can do, i.e. landscape and portrait viewing, but shredding off ...

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Can this be SE’s first DVB-H Bravia phone?

We all love rumors, and Esato is one of our favorite sites because usually the rumors there are well challenged before the critical crowd will buy. Anyway, here is the first picture (ever, to our knowledge) that may possibly be the real SonyEricsson DVB-H phone in works, with the Bravia brand name. Right now it smells a bit M600-ish and ...

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SonyEricsson’s single-hinge-dual-flip W44S received positive review

Most of the phone lovers must have seen this before. SonyEricsson’s W44S, the biggest breakthrough in terms of form factor after they came out with swivels. The question is, is this a branding gimmick or is the design any practical? One thing for sure is that it does look funny, and not everybody would like it. Some hardcore Sony fans ...

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