Can this be SE’s first DVB-H Bravia phone?

se dvb-h bravia

We all love rumors, and Esato is one of our favorite sites because usually the rumors there are well challenged before the critical crowd will buy. Anyway, here is the first picture (ever, to our knowledge) that may possibly be the real SonyEricsson DVB-H phone in works, with the Bravia brand name. Right now it smells a bit M600-ish and Samsung-ish. Too bad the screen doesn’t look like the 16:9 3″ screen we are dying for, and apparently this should be a slider rather than a swivel. Some sources postulated that this might simply be a “general prototype” for showcasing in upcoming exhibitions. At this point nobody can really confirm whether the picture is legit or not, guess we’ll just have to sit back and wait. — Sam Chan

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