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DoCoMo announces 703i series, BRAVIA SO903iTV and double internal screen D800iDS

Just 4 hours after AU KDDI’s announcement, NTT DoCoMo announced the new WCDMA 703i series in Tokyo. Nothing out of our expectation as we wrote about before. Also announced are the SonyEricsson BRAVIA SO903iTV DMB phone and Mitsubishi’s double-internal screen D900iDS, both of which Gearfuse premiered on Sunday. The 703i series is the mid-low end of DoCoMo’s 3G portfolio, so ...

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Can this be SE’s first DVB-H Bravia phone?

We all love rumors, and Esato is one of our favorite sites because usually the rumors there are well challenged before the critical crowd will buy. Anyway, here is the first picture (ever, to our knowledge) that may possibly be the real SonyEricsson DVB-H phone in works, with the Bravia brand name. Right now it smells a bit M600-ish and ...

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