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Solar Technology and the Benefits of Self-Sufficiency


The great majority of the world’s electricity supplies around the globe are still generated from traditional energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas. With an ever increasing population and greater than ever reliance on fossil fuels to power our modern lives, the need for clean energy technologies has never been so great. This is why environmentalists are urging ...

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Solar Panels – You’re Doing It Wrong…

Solar Panels

According to an article on Gizmodo, almost everyone using solar panels is angling them the wrong way and as a result they aren’t benefiting from the panels full potential. The Gizmodo article states that while solar panel owners in the northern hemisphere tend to angle their panels to the south to get optimal light exposure daily, a new study indicates ...

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LEGO NXT Robots Get Solar Power

Now that you can control your NXT robot with your Android phone, rather than using yet another electronic device, there are ways to save the planet even further, thanks to Dexter Industries’ dSolar Systems. The 9V solar power system allows you to rig your Mindstorms NXT robots for harnessing the power of the sun. The solar system provides about 250 ...

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SunMod Modification Kit Makes Any Gadget Solar-Powered

Batteries eventually need to be replaced. That’s the way we’ve been living for decades, so shelling out the cash for batteries just seems like something we have to do. The SunMod Modification Kit ensures that you’ll never have to replace your batteries again. For a very reasonable $20, SunMod turns any of your AA or AAA battery powered devices into ...

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iPetals Solar iPhone Charger Concept

Resembling some sort of Steve Jobs’ approved sunflower, Mac Funamizu’s iPetals is an elegant and fun method of charging your iPhone through the dasterdly power of the sun. Harness those UVs! Yeah! Dig, dig, dig! Excuse me for that outburst. I knew I shouldn’t workout right before I post.

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Solar-powered Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo is full of Nazis. Did you know that? In fact, the ratio of Nazis to gaming developers at Nintendo is 47:1. That’s huge. It’s also why Nintendo doesn’t put out a solar-powered DS Lite. The console is popular; a smash hit if you will. Why not power it with rays from the sun? At least some dude who’s good ...

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