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World’s Tiniest Solar Car Crashes Into Bread Crumb

In the future everything is microscopic. We’ve got robots that can get inside your intestines to distribute medicine with their tiny robot hands, but what about solar race cars no bigger than a quarter? Now we’ve got those too. This 33 x 22mm car runs on light, artificial or otherwise. Just chase after it with a flashlight and watch it ...

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The Tiniest Projector Ever Ideal For Your iPod

Texas Instruments has announced it’s making the tiniest projector ever created commercially available. Dubbed the Optoma Pico, the projector will be available next year with an insanely small DLP chip inside. While it’d be great to see the projector built into your cellphone, Optoma Pico will disappointingly remain a stand-alone mini projector. The product should be making its way to ...

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Sony Speakers Are Tiny, Tiny, Tiny

Sony?s new HT-IS100 home theater system has the smallest speakers of any home theater system I’ve seen to date. With 450-watts of power, these miniature speakers pack a punch that rivals many standard sized speakers. An optional wireless kit allows the two rear speakers to be hooked up without the need to run wires, keeping your setup free of cluttered ...

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Ridiculously small Mini-me mobile phone replicas

We thought the Xun Chi 138 was the smallest cellphone we were ever going to see. Despite their lack of operation, these weeny sized Mini Japanese cellphones are ridiculously smaller than anything else on the market. Of course, these phones are totally incapable of making any calls or sending any texts, but you could probably fool some 6-year-old that what ...

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Oki Electric Industry Co. unveils world�s smallest stereo speaker amplifier

With phones and other consumer electronics getting smaller and smaller as the days progress, the hardware inside must also keep up to date. Oki Electric Industry Co. recognized this trend and so set out to make a smaller stereo speaker amplifier; they succeeded with ML2611. This single chip contains stereo-playback capable DAC (Digital Audio Converter), 3D surround functionality, and a ...

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