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Gearfuse Puts The Port-O-Pong To The Test

Back in July, I briefly mentioned a beer pong raft that ruins the fundamental experience that is the game of beer pong. Well, the creators behind the Port-O-Pong weren’t too pleased about that, so they sent us one. Needless to say, my face lit up when it arrived at my doorstep. The advertisers claim it can be played “anywhere on ...

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Beer Pong Raft Ruins The Game

Oh shit, get on those pro flip cup gloves, we got ourselves a game of beer pong that isn’t all fun and games on your Nintendo Wii. It’s Port-O-Pong, the amphibious portable beer pong table. OK, so it’s just a fucking raft with some grooves for the cups that completely eliminate the chances of cups toppling over from a fast ...

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