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Recycled Skate Deck Watch

Nixon is planning to release a watch made from recycled skateboard decks. Part of Nixon’s Rotolog collection, the RePly watch features a colorful wristband and a stylish analog display. Skateboard enthusiasts are bound to go nuts for this thing even though it’s not waterproof and the colored stripes look pretty ridiculous. Nixon hasn’t announced when the watch will actually go ...

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Photon Light Skateboard Reminds Us Why We Love Shiny Things

Whenever I see a skateboard, I can’t help but drift down memory lane to circa 1995, when me and my homies were chilling on the curb, sipping on Gatorade, trying to work out how to get our damn skateboards off the concrete without breaking our necks. Every time we tried to perform the simplest trick, we would fall on our ...

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Flowboard updates the skateboard for next-gen extreme sports

The mid-90s brought a popularity level of skateboarding into our culture, that no other extreme sport ever could. A mixture of more X-Games coverage and the fun-level of the Tony Hawk Skateboarding games, skaters are now a still a standard clique of high schools and burnouts. The Flowboard is the next-gen update of the Skateboard. With 7 wheels on each ...

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