Flowboard updates the skateboard for next-gen extreme sports


The mid-90s brought a popularity level of skateboarding into our culture, that no other extreme sport ever could. A mixture of more X-Games coverage and the fun-level of the Tony Hawk Skateboarding games, skaters are now a still a standard clique of high schools and burnouts. The Flowboard is the next-gen update of the Skateboard.

With 7 wheels on each truck, balancing becomes more difficult and new grinding methods are created. Which equals, bingo, more crap for skaters to master. They also look pretty bad ass too. Do you think the Flowboard will ever see the popularity of Skateboards? We’ll have to see if some Flowboarders arise from the ashes of culture. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Flowboards are the WORST IDEA EVER
    They completely ruin what skateboarding is about
    Skateboarding is about style and how YOU want to skate
    Flowboards limit you to what will basically bacome slalom skating
    Get rid of them, and let the skaters carry on

  2. Worst idea ever, my cousin has one, broke in 2 weeks

  3. thats really retarted i hate whoever invented flowboards.

  4. flow boards suck really bad skateboarding is a culture and flow boards ruin it!!!

  5. @rogue status I doubt the flowboard will have a huge impact on skating culture. Just sayin.

  6. Well honestly these things are intense i watched a kid roll around the park and pop up into a 50-50 with that thing and its not that easy!! Plus he can tre’-flip and all kinds of crap!!! but there pretty much gay!!!

  7. Flowboards are fun. If you are open minded and want to ride something similar to a standard skateboard with a snowboard carving feel, go for it. Have fun!

  8. tyreshaun perkins

    I think everyone on here is right. Why create something like skateboarding? Skateboarding is a unique thing It has so much history behind it. Stop creating things that are so called next generation. Skating does not need to upgrade skating is about a person and there board to go and skate learn something new. Skateboarding is an adventure, and flow boards are just crap made by people that wants to ruin skateboarding. Why destroy something so many people love so you can just make a little money on the side. I mean why the hell would you put 7 wheels on one truck. It’s probably more hazardous. Skateboarding is the original and nothing can replace it.

  9. Wow how does that shateboard work? Interesting

  10. awesome I would like to have a skateboard like this one

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