Photon Light Skateboard Reminds Us Why We Love Shiny Things


Whenever I see a skateboard, I can’t help but drift down memory lane to circa 1995, when me and my homies were chilling on the curb, sipping on Gatorade, trying to work out how to get our damn skateboards off the concrete without breaking our necks. Every time we tried to perform the simplest trick, we would fall on our asses. Day in and day out.

But maybe if we could practice at night, the fear of embarrassment wouldn’t have been such a burden. At least that way we could keep our bruises to ourselves. The Photon Lights Skateboard comes equipped with 30 LED bulbs in a wide assortment of colors. Not only can you pimp your board, but you can hide your wounds in the dark of night while skating in the sight of drivers. — Andrew Dobrow

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