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Orbitwheel Portable Transportation: Dear God, Please Break My Neck

Orbitwheel is basically like that game where children pull on either side of a poultry wishbone until it snaps, except using the human pelvis. Orbitwheel is a portable transportation device, designed to combine the fun of skateboarding and inline skating. The company flaunts its large wheel radius and easily portable size. Well which one is it, Orbitwheel? Large or portable? Make up ...

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Tony Hawk RIDE Priced and Dated

Skateboarders and gamers alike probably all got a nice wet dream when Tony Hawk RIDE was first announced. Now that they’ve wiped up, there’s a new reason to keep that beach towel handy. The game has been priced at $119.99 and will ship October 13th. Sure, it’s a bit of a ways off right now, but it’ll be here just ...

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The ‘360’ With No Games, Just Style

Combining surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, designer Francesco Sommacal has come up with the mother of extreme sports. Winner of the 2007 Volvo Sportdesign Concept Award, the “360” is the all-in-one sports activity. Not to be confused with the Xbox 360, the 360’s ‘board’ has the users feet rest on a platform/slot in the center of the wheel as opposed to ...

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