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What is the Most Awesomest Thing Ever?

While, for my money, the Internet and boobs are tied for the most awesomest thing ever, I can’t be the judge for everyone, but this website can. The Most Awesomest Thing Ever site uses a head-to-head competition system to try and figure out just what is the most awesomest thing ever. The thing with the most wins is deemed the ...

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Face Analysis Site Gives You a Complex

Have you ever wondered how you stack up? Just how beautiful are you, based on your face’s symmatry? Anaface lets you mark the features of your face with magical dots of measurement. The service than gives you a run down on your imperfections. I scored an 8.82. Clearly this site knows what it’s talking about. Link [via]

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Lorne Michaels Wants To Bring SNL Online

Seems NBC and SNL creator Lorne Michaels want to start a streaming video site that will feature only SNL content. Schmitt’s Gay, The Rapists for 500 and Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, all in one place. No wonder it’s so chilly. Hell froze over! Link

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Wolfenflickr 3-D Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

When Wolfenstein 3-D and Flickr wanted to get married, I gave them my best wishes. Just kidding, software and photo sharing sites can’t get married, silly. They can, however, be fused. Thanks to some anonymous geek with Javascript skills, this mashup of the popular FPS shooter game and photo sharing site takes the best from both and allows users to ...

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Barack Obama Becomes Owned-bama

Barack Obama is all about spreading the word of hope. His counterparts would like you to think otherwise, as can be seen by a recent hacking of Obama’s very own Hope.net. The hacker smeared the site with red lettering which says “Spread the word! Barack Obama has no security on his web site! Will his administration have no security?”, later ...

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Emergency button closes porn sites when mom comes in

The Japanese are ingenious, they’re bringing the simple technology from banks directly to your room. I’m sure you’ve seen under-table emergency buttons in banks, some are pressed with the fingers, and some with the foot. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to turn off all your embarrassing and personal pursuit on screen as soon as somebody pops up behind ...

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