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If The Simpsons Were Black…

If The Simpsons were an average family from Angola, rather than Springfield, things would be a hell of a lot different. Well, maybe not too different. Other than their skin, hair and dress, everything seems to be in typical Simpsons condition. Santa’s Little Helper? Check. Couch? Check. Afro pick? AFRO PICK?! NOOOOOO! Link

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Put Some D’Oh Into Your Monitor

OK, so they aren’t X-mas lights, but they certainly are fixing to be. Simpson fanatics who already have every Simpsons paraphernalia from wall clocks to pinball machines and even an eye-popping limited edition iPod design, will be happy to know that they can now decorate their computer monitor with Homer. This mini-bulb strand consists of nine little Homers, all powered ...

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Bizarre: Rockstar “spazzed” at Simpsons game GTA spoof

� An EA producer was heard commenting about Rockstar’s reaction of the Grand Theft Auto spoof in the upcoming Simpsons game. The producer says that Rockstar “spazzed out like little babies” after hearing of the spoof level in the Simpsons game called “Grand Theft Scratchy”. Rockstar reportedly forced EA games to change the name of the level, which will now ...

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Samsung to release Simpsons movie collectible phone: Mmm…gadgets

Samsung doesn’t know what they’re getting themselves into. With the news of their The Simpsons Movie collectible cell phone, every Pop Culture nut is going to be jumping for joy in his MC Hammer moon pants and Roo’s sneakers. The plan of a Simpson’s movie has been in the works by Fox as far back as I can remember. The ...

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