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Silver DualShock 3 Controller Now Available

Live near a Gamestop? Most likely since they’re more common than McDonald’s these days. The retailer is selling a new silver-colored DualShock 3 controller for the PS3 now. It’s $55 and will get you nothing but street cred*. *- Actual street cred may vary. Link

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Tokyo Flash’s 10 Pack Abdominal Watch

Yet another watch from Tokyo Flash that requires a mathematical formula just to tell time. This is no joke. Telling time on a watch modeled after my bitchin’ 10 pack of abs shouldn’t be a problem so long as you remember what each color of the transitioning LEDs represents. Named the Kisai Tenmetsu, this Tokyo Flash watch joins the club ...

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“I Do” Laser Etched Wedding Ring

Here’s a wedding ring that’s out of the ordinary. A “Yes, I Do” sound wave is cut-out of the ring. No engraving your significant other’s favorite love poem on this ring. There’s no room for it. Designer Sakura Koshimizu uses lasers to cut out the shape of the waveform produced from your own “Yes I Do.” Using some sound editing ...

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Will You HEMI Me?

If a NASCAR race is you and your partner’s idea of a lovely date, then we’ve got a ring that’ll really help you out when it comes time to pop the question. It’s a HEMI ring. As in, it’s modeled after a Dodge HEMI engine. There are rubies in the blower and it’s made entirely of sterling silver. At $400, ...

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Nao Tamura concept phone for KDDI freezes hell over

Concept designs are what make us all wish that the artists would keep to themselves until the products were ready to be launched. This is exactly the case with the concept phone for KDDI by Nao Tamura. With a completely transparent shell, this phone lets you see innards, all of ’em. In addition, because the hardware is completely silver, the ...

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Gold Samsung YP-Z5 replaces silver spoon for newborns

To all of you soon-to-be-parents: that pretty silver rattle isn’t going to cut it anymore. Your newborn is quickly going to be begging for their own limited edition Samsung YP-Z5 which will soon be auctioned off. Why you might ask? Well, this MP3 player is made of 18 karat gold and only 10 have been made. Samsung is currently expecting ...

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