Nao Tamura concept phone for KDDI freezes hell over

cypres concept phone

Concept designs are what make us all wish that the artists would keep to themselves until the products were ready to be launched. This is exactly the case with the concept phone for KDDI by Nao Tamura. With a completely transparent shell, this phone lets you see innards, all of ’em. In addition, because the hardware is completely silver, the phone looks inherintly cold and icy. Can’t you just see Tom Cruise in Minority Report 2 grabbing his “ice phone” to call the FBI (or whatever it’s called in the movie) to report a thought crime? So moving away from strict design, that screen is huge for a phone that size! Just from this perspective, it looks to be about half of the length. So while this phone is amazing and beutiful, it is also unavailable and just a thought in someone’s head. — Nik Gomez

au kddi  design project  [via UberPhones]

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