Gold Samsung YP-Z5 replaces silver spoon for newborns

samsung yp-z5 gold To all of you soon-to-be-parents: that pretty silver rattle isn’t going to cut it anymore. Your newborn is quickly going to be begging for their own limited edition Samsung YP-Z5 which will soon be auctioned off. Why you might ask? Well, this MP3 player is made of 18 karat gold and only 10 have been made. Samsung is currently expecting them to go for 120,000 won each (only about $130, maybe something is lost in translation). The YP-Z5 model has been out for almost a year now, but even for its nice-looking design and helpful firmware updates, it really hasn’t won many users over.

The size of the player is 1.66� x 0.45� x 3.54�. Except for this gold design, it also comes in black or silver with two and 4 GB capacities. Another little impressive fact is that it supports the OGG file format (in addition to MP3, WMA, WMA DRM, and JPEG for image viewing). The battery life of his baby is amazing: 35 hours. Its frequent and actually helpful updates in the forms of firmware are part of what keep its users loyal. While you might not be willing to bid on a pure gold MP3 player, take a look at this, you might like what you find. — Nik Gomez

Gold Samsung YP-Z5 [dapreview]

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