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The Light That Only Turns On If You Blow In Its Ear

I never understood the whole “blowing in the ear” form of flirtation. I’ve both blown into ears and had my ears blown into and from first hand experience, ear blowing is neither exhilarating, nor an effective form of sexual coercion. I’m guessing its just one of those things that old time TV shows and movies used as a euphemism for ...

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Best Fetish Ever: Latex Alien Costumes

Here’s an interesting new geeky sexual fetish to explore. Enter into the world of latex alien costumes. I’m pretty sure that first one is based on some weird Cloverfield-like alien, while the second one is the more traditional Alien series extraterrestrial. Two aliens, one suit. Just deflate some air and you have a whole new latex fantasy to explore. While ...

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Mobile Park Loaded With Security Cameras

Nowadays, people want everything portable. Everything means everything, even a playground full of children. Chris Duff has drawn out this transport design for a children’s playground called, “Chameieon Mobile Park.” Pardon? Regardless, it’s designed with safety in mind. Equipped with two varieties of wheels, for varying terrain conditions, the “Chameieon” is said to be able to “adapt to different environments.” ...

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