The Light That Only Turns On If You Blow In Its Ear

I never understood the whole “blowing in the ear” form of flirtation. I’ve both blown into ears and had my ears blown into and from first hand experience, ear blowing is neither exhilarating, nor an effective form of sexual coercion. I’m guessing its just one of those things that old time TV shows and movies used as a euphemism for less family friendly sexual acts, which eventually evolved into a real form of flirtation. Sigh, the things people can be brainwashed to do.

The “Turn Me On” light switch by Chris Haines requires you to blow into its fake ear hole in order to illuminate your room. I, for one, am not buying into it. This is just another elaborate attempt by the government to censor our sexual inhibitions with “cleaner” alternatives. If i want to suck on my light switch’s ear lobes you bet your ass I’m going to do it.

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