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IKEA Launches MVNO Cellphone Service

For our readers living in the UK, please let us know if you guys are just as batshit crazy for IKEA as we are. The Swedish furniture company will be offering cellphone service to 1.4 million “loyalty scheme members” and around 9500 employees. T-Mobile will be providing the actual service while IKEA is just slapping a name on it and ...

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Sam’s Club Has Geeks On Call To Overcharge You And Fix Nothing

It’s no mystery that Geek Squad, the subsidiary computer repair service of the Best Buy Company, is known for its incompetence and over-pricing in computer maintenance. After all, it’s Best Buy. Now, these computer services are sprouting up alongside many other major retailers. A week after Dell announced its tech-support services with Wal-Mart, the retail chain Sam�s Club (which is ...

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AT&T To Add MMS Feature To iPhone

Someone must’ve turned on the genius machine over at AT&T. Though I’m told AT&T?s customer service representatives aren?t known for delivering on the spot information about up and coming products, word has gotten out that MMS (multimedia messaging service) support is being considered for the iPhone 3G. MMS allows transmission of text, pictures, and potentially video to other MMS-enabled phones.? ...

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