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Porsche Panamera Unveiled

Jesus Christ, Porsche. Tom Cruise would have never done Risky Business had he known one day you’d be coming out with a four-door sport sedan. The Panamera is just that but don’t let the extra set of doors fool you. Starting at $89,000 the Panamera is aimed to be the premiere luxury car of 2010. Wondering how fast it goes? ...

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It’s Here: Tesla Model S Unveiled

Hope you fuckers have $50,000 sitting in your bank account because you’re going to need to make a withdrawal ASAP. The Tesla Model S is out and boy is she a beauty. Four doors of fury, all electric motor and a $49,000 base price. Did I mention Tesla is producing 20,000 units? This means you’ll be able to buy one ...

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Ford looks to hit it big with the Mustang-based Interceptor Concept

Ford is set to unveil a new concept at the North American International Auto Show on January 7th: the Interceptor. This beast combines the power of the ever popular Mustang and the looks of a truck in a style not seen in Ford cars very often (or never). Even though the Interceptor is based on the Mustang�s chassis, it is ...

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