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5 Sci Fi Movie Gadgets That Exist in Real Life

sci fi gadgets

Sci-fi movies have long promised an eventful future filled with spaceships and worker robots. Surprisingly enough, not everything from sci-fi movies is fantasy. Sure, we don’t have anti-gravity landspeeders yet, but check out this list for swanky gizmos from sci-fi movies that have already become a reality: 1.       Robots Who doesn’t love R2D2, C3PO and Wall-E? The number of sci-fi ...

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5 Facts to Show Why Geeks Love Sci-Fi

What Makes Sci Fi Geek Worthy

Science Fiction is one of the broadest scopes of fiction there ever has been. It opens the mind to infinite possibilities. Some of these have even turned out to be true. It gives people a chance to imagine the world and re-imagine the universe as we know it. Some people might say that watching or reading a lot of sci-fi ...

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LEGO Stargate

Its chevrons really glow and its parts really move. But there's one thing missing. This model could surely use a Daniel Jackson minifig.

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2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith… The Action Figure?

Featuring a grand total of zero points of articulation, one of the most iconic images of sci-fi film history is now available in “inactive” figure form. Capable of spurring evolution amongst your other action figures, the 6.75″ monolith is made of “semisynthetic, organic, amorphous, solid materials.” In other words, plastic. But don’t get too excited just yet, the Monolith Action ...

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Traditional Greeting Hoodie: Live Long and Prosper

The cold season is well on its way. It’s about that time of the year where all of us geeky infidels take to the web to go hoodie shopping. The Traditional Greeting hoodie by Threadless is the perfect fall outer garment for both the socialite and geek buried deep down in each and every one of us. When zipped up ...

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Doctor Who Action Figure Set Includes All Eleven Doctors

Those of you who have been a loyal fan of Doctor Who are no stranger to change. In fact, there have been a total of 11 Doctors in the show’s run. And now you can own them all. Or at least own their action figure counterparts. Each of the 11 figures in the Doctor Who Action Figure Set is about ...

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The “Create Your Own Sci-Fi Movie Monster” T-Shirt

Feel the wrath of Sharktopus! Fear the coming of Cyber Yeti! Wait a second, we’ve already seen an Arachnodroid. In fact, we’ve seen a few. The Science Fiction TV-Movie Title Generator t-shirt encourages the creation of horrible and hysterical hybrids of which the likes have never been seen. I mean Raptorsquito? Really? Malaria with a bite! Ok, ok, I’m sorry. ...

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Premakes: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, 1950s Style

If George Lucas had been born about 25 years earlier, Star Wars would have turned out a hell of a lot different. In this excellent “premake” trailer by Ivan Guerrero, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is transformed into a campy 50s sci-fi epic, complete with chintzy-looking robots and “amazing” 3D effects. The premake was made by splicing together classic ...

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Star Ship Chandelier Is Certainly NOT The Enterprise

No way is this chandelier at all related to anything involving Star Trek or any of its trademarks. And how can you tell? The title of this chandelier is simply the Star Ship. So OF COURSE there’s no relation. Any similarities in the two designs are a total coincidence. This NON-Enterprise Chandelier can be yours for $189 and not a ...

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Vintage Postcards Get a Taste of Science Fiction

There’s nothing that can’t be made more exciting by adding robots and aliens. That definitely includes boring, old vintage postcards. Flickr user Frano Brambilla uploaded a set of manipulated photos, featuring vintage post card scenes with a little added zesty flavor of sci-fi. There’s nearly 30 of these shots over at Flickr.

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