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Get Back In That Kitchen and Make Me a Scanwich

Us men need us our sammichs. Digital or tactile, we love our pieces of bread to be packed full of meaty goodness. A properly made sandwich is enough to make most of us drool with anticipation. That’s exactly why Scanwiches is such a dirty tease. Scanwiches is a nifty little blog which posts high-res images of cross-cut sandwiches. While you ...

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My Head Hurts, Turn Off The Light

This table lamp designed by Alexander Lervik might look like just an ordinary lamp modeled after the human brain, but it’s so much more to Mr. Lervik. It’s called MYBrain and interestingly enough, it is Alexander Lervik’s brain. OK, it’s not his actual brain but it’s as close as it ever will be while propped on a stand, having light ...

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Credit Card Scans From Your Pocketed Arduino

Who would’ve thought all it took is an Arduino, a standard magnetic stripe reader, a display and a little code to be able to read the data stored on magnetic stripe cards such as your VISA card.� I can’t begin to imagine how this DIY provided by Instructables could be abused.� No one is doing fraudulent things with an Arduino ...

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Build Your Own LEGO Scanner

We love LEGOs and while we’re partial to the Mindstorms set, Anders S�borg has built and programmed his own NXT scanner comprised mostly of these bricks.� For those not familiar with NXT scanners, they’re a “standalone” scanner that can scan and save images as BMP-files.� The images scanned can be saved in either 24-bit true color, 8-bit color or gray ...

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Text-Scanning Dixau: A Wiki Addict’s Dream

I still love reading books. No matter how much is available for me to peruse online, there is something about reading off of a binded volume that never gets old. The only problem is that sometimes I find myself trying to copy and paste certain words and phrases, only to discover that my fingers don’t come with that feature (yet.) ...

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New Canon fax machine seems to hold tech back

While this new Canon fax machine labeled the JX200 looks very nice, one can’t help to wonder why anyone needs a stand-alone fax machine anymore? Aren’t fax machines so 90’s business room tech? With the thriving of multi-function printers that can fax, scan, copy, and have built-in phones, what is the point of this? There are advantages to having a ...

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