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Homemade Data Rig Has 90 TB of Storage Cooled By 40 Fans

A Russian modder has crafted the perfect solution to limited storage space for all of those torrents you’ve been downloading recently. This homemade computer rig rocks out with 90 terabytes of storage. But 90 TB of computing generates a ton of heat, which is why this computer needs 40 fans to keep cool. More than enough space to download pretty ...

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Russian Dude Shows Off Largest CPU Collection Ever

Some guys you can just tell have never gotten laid. This particular virgin posted images of his “humble” CPU collection on a Russian forum site. Needless to say, he’s quickly becoming the stuff of legends. His collection features hundreds of CPUs, both modern and ancient, some larger than modern day cellphones. Included in his collection are Soviet CPUs that proceeded ...

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Graffiti Artists Redesign Russian Helicopter

This helicopter looks like the result of a 5-year-old’s nightmares combined into one helicopter-shaped mass of vomit. Created by artists Beastiestylez, casiegraphics, Dog ISK, I ARE UGLY and ABC, this Russian helicopter thing, sans rotary blades, was the result of a rare collaboration between considerably well-known taggers. The helicopter will be on display from September 21 to September 27 at ...

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Good Morning My Monster

I have no idea who made this image but it originates from some Russian website. It’s a great image and I can’t help but feel like I know that monster from somewhere though… Link

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Daddy, The Lamp Touched Me In The Pee Pee

Every time I wake up….I feel, well, scared. My old desk lamp. It used to be a simple thing. Antique, 60-watt light bulb and an old maize lampshade. Those were the days. Then, after six years of fine service, it finally broke. Father picked me out a new one and I must say I’m not pleased. He chose the Babushka ...

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