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Japan’s Epsilon Rocket Heads In To Space!

Japan's Epsilon rocket

The Epsilon Rocket makes news for a number of reasons but costing a measely $37 million to launch is one of them! The Japanese rocket, Epsilon, launched from South-West Japan at 2pm local time. The rocket is headed in to space to launch a telescope in to the Earth's orbit where it will keep an eye on our neighboring planets.

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What To Do With Your Old Christmas Tree? Strap a Rocket To It

You bought this beautiful Christmas tree for the holidays and after a month of display its time to dump the damn thing. But there’s gotta be a more valuable purpose than just laying in a dumpster somewhere. This family decided to recycle their Christmas tree into a rocket powered projectile. Strap 32 rocket engines to a tree and see what ...

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PVC Pipe Water Bottle Launcher

Found on Science Toy Maker, this water bottle launcher was made by a school teacher looking for some good, clean fun. Apparently it’s quite easy to do and launches 2 liter soda bottles into the air with ease, drenching everyone around with water. Head over to STM for the full build instructions. Link [via]

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Tie the Knot in Space

A Japanese wedding planning company has teamed up with space transportation provider Rocketplane Kistler Japan. Using half-airplane, half-space shuttle transportation, they plan on hosting weddings aboard a one hour space flight that reach altitudes above 62 miles. They’re charging a little over two million dollars for such an affair but are kind enough to include a photo and video album, ...

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