The Rocket Chair Sends Alice, Bang, Zoom, Straight To The Moon, Instead Of Ralph’s Fist


“I�m not the chair they think I am at home, oh no. I�m a Rocket Chair!” or so says Sir Elton John. There are so many cultural references to be made here, I�m losing my mind. Whether it be the spousal abuse overtones of The Honeymooners or 1970’s pop-rock songs, it never ends!

Yet, I digress. The Rocket Chair is the creation of Ky Michaelson, aka the Rocketman. Take a seat and strap yourself in because the 500-pound thrust hydrogen-peroxide engine mounted on this baby will set you airborne for a exhilarating 45 seconds. There is so much thrust put out by this engine that all seven gallons of fuel are guzzled up in the short flight.

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