The Rocket Chair Sends Alice, Bang, Zoom, Straight To The Moon, Instead Of Ralph’s Fist


“Iím not the chair they think I am at home, oh no. Iím a Rocket Chair!” or so says Sir Elton John. There are so many cultural references to be made here, Iím losing my mind. Whether it be the spousal abuse overtones of The Honeymooners or 1970’s pop-rock songs, it never ends!

Yet, I digress. The Rocket Chair is the creation of Ky Michaelson, aka the Rocketman. Take a seat and strap yourself in because the 500-pound thrust hydrogen-peroxide engine mounted on this baby will set you airborne for a exhilarating 45 seconds. There is so much thrust put out by this engine that all seven gallons of fuel are guzzled up in the short flight.

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