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As My Rock Band Guitar Gently Weeps

Originally people thought that the Beatles would make an appearance in the latest Rock Band game. It turns out that MTV Networks announced a deal with the Beatles’ record label, Apple Corps, to create a Beatles-branded music video game. The same developers behind Rock Band will be making the game, apart from its already successful Rock Band franchise. “The project ...

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Watch Nas Destroy A Rush Song In Rock Band

Rush and Nas were on the Colbert Report playing Tom Sawyer on Rock Band for the Xbox 360. Kotaku says Nas outperformed Rush on their own song, and for the most part he did. In Rush’s defense, playing guitar solo on Rock Band is way easier than having an entire band set up with vocals and drums in addition to ...

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Peak Releases New Full-Size Guitar Hero Controller

You’ll never look cool playing on those plastic guitars from Red Octane that feel like they were designed for a gnome. It’s a good thing Peak is releasing these full-size wood guitars for the PS2 and PS3. Sorry, Wii and 360 rockers, looks like you’ll be playing the world’s smallest violin. Both Guitar Hero and Rock Band are compatible with ...

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