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A Sensor That Mimicks The Human Eye

We’ve seen artificial corneas that could replace damaged organic corneas, but how about a digital image sensor that adjusts itself like a human retina? That’s exactly what John Rogers at the University of Illinois is creating. An improved method of transferring silicon sensors onto a curved surface allowing for the sensor to capture wide-angle views with low distortion. Because it ...

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Get a degree in Biometric Security

Davenport University of Technology is paving the way for tech courses with their new degree program for Biometric Security. Students confident that biometrics are the security choice of the future might want to look into a degree majoring in the security method, which could eventually lead to a lucrative career. The industry has already shown huge growth prospective, increasing from ...

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Stenop: Glasses for the poverty stricken and the vision impaired

So you think your Coach designer glasses make you look dorky? At least you don’t have to wear a pair of these. The Stenop Glasses are a low cost solution for the sight impaired. Glasses frames have become extremely expensive if you’re ordering for an actual prescription, and not just a pair of bifocals. A pair of frames can cost ...

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