Stenop: Glasses for the poverty stricken and the vision impaired


So you think your Coach designer glasses make you look dorky? At least you don’t have to wear a pair of these. The Stenop Glasses are a low cost solution for the sight impaired. Glasses frames have become extremely expensive if you’re ordering for an actual prescription, and not just a pair of bifocals. A pair of frames can cost you a few hundred bucks. Stenop uses a series of small holes, using the concept of stenopeic vision, instead of lenses.

The holes reduce the width of viewable rays coming from each viewed object. In result, only central rays reach the retina, reducing up to 80% of focusing errors. The Stenop can be mass produced and is made from a single mold. Because of its low cost, the glasses could easily be distributed world wide to developing countries who are only recently forming organized education. The Stenop’s will also be available in a series of different colors, depending on skin color. — Andrew Dobrow


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