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Your Sierra Nevada IPA Will End Foreign Oil Dependency

That’s right. The next time you go to the bar and order a tall, cold Sierra Nevada (sponsor us!), drink it knowing that it’ll not only get you drunk but also that your efforts are not in vain. The California-based brewing company unveiled an initiative to convert beer waste into ethanol that can be used to power certain vehicles. Yeast, ...

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Renewable Energy Revolving Door: Siphon Power From Holiday Tramplers

At Gearfuse, we’re all about world firsts. World’s first person to not shit after drinking a gallon of prune juice or world’s first ninja dog are the kinds of world firsts we’re used to seeing. How about the world’s first energy generating revolving door? That’s the idea behind this revolving door built by Boon Edam. It harvests the kinetic energy ...

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Wave Farm Swims For Power In Portugal

The world’s first ever wave farm went live at the end of September in Agucadoura, off the coast of northern Portugal. Three wave energy converters resembling Soviet submarines generate electricity with hydraulic rams driven by waves. The farm was designed by Pelamis Wave Power, which hopes to increase the farms productivity by adding an additional 25 wave energy converters that ...

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