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Voice Recognition Web Searching For The iPhone

Typing, “hot horny girls go wild in a jacuzzi,” can be difficult on an iPhone; even with that QWERTY keyboard. By Friday, Apple hopes to remedy this problem by releasing Google’s new voice recognition application in the iTunes store. Once you have the app, you can forget about typing. Just say out loud, “Where can I find the Chicks With ...

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Shout At Your Monitor To Control The Cursor

When you can’t use a mouse because of too much Guitar Hero, don’t fret; alternative means of controlling your computer’s cursor are just over the horizon. The University of Washington is developing a vocally controlled mouse interface that’s completely hands free! Similar to speech recognition that aids in typing, the vocal joystick makes using a mouse as simple as humming ...

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The Portraitist Robot: Vincent VanBot

Sylvain Calinon’s creation, the Robotic Portrait Artist, has received a makeover. Check out its sweet new mustache and beret! It truly has the look of an artist. This bot is able to recognize human faces and extract relevant characteristics from them. Then, it draws portraits of captured images by converting them into vector art.� The produced result is better than ...

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Lenovo to design 2008 Olympic torch

We wonder if this decision has anything to do with Lenovo being one of the greenest of the big tech companies. Though a torch isn’t really “eco-friendly”. Designing the 2008 Olympic Torch might knock Lenovo down a notch on the green scale. Though with that notched peg, Lenovo is sure to gain a ridiculous amount of name recognition with how ...

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The cute electronic slave for couchpotatoes

Okay this is nothing new really, we all have remote controllers at home, some of us are lucky enough to have a home network hooked up to all appliances so that you can control the microwave in your kitchen all the way from your neighbor’s house. Fuji Housing is showcasing this new household robot at their showrooms in Osaka. The ...

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Testing Sanyo’s stylus-free thumbwriting recognition: W42SA

One of the models that deserve attention in the Winter line-up of AU KDDI would be Sanyo’s W42SA. This phone supports a new kind of handwriting recognition that does not require a stylus, instead you would be using your thumb to “stroke” over the number keys. Of course you can still use the usual T9 predictive text system, but just ...

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