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7 Cocktail Recipes From the Internet That We Want To Try

Cucumber Margarita

Some days IE: most Mondays, you just want to kick back with a cocktail and forget the fact that everything (and we mean absolutely everything) has gone wrong. Well, check out these pretty awesome cocktail recipes from the internet that we want to try. Whiskey Lemonade – find the recipe for this one here. The Skunkboy – you can find ...

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What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?: The Website

What can’t the internet do? Copy writer and part-time developer hobbyist Zach Golden created the extremely awesome “What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?” website, which has a very simple, but essential use — to tell you what the fuck you should make for dinner. With a simple black Helvetica type on white background design, WTFSIMFD pulls a random ...

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Steve Jobs Cheese Head is Actually Pretty Creepy

The second I saw this head I couldn’t help but be reminded of Hannibal Lector and his preference for dining on human flesh. This is almost too realistic to eat, unlike the orange-yellow Cheddar color of the Lincoln Cheese bust. Something tells me I’d get that weird, uncanny feeling when it came time to dig in to the Steve Jobs ...

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Ironic Coffee Poster Is Actually Useful

If you’re one of those people who relies heavily on a craft cup of coffee each morning, you’ll find this chart very helpful. It shows you how to make different drinks involving espresso. The Caffe Mocha, Americano and Caffe Latte are all here. Just add said amount of espresso, pile on the steamed milk and add a little foam. Presto! ...

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coo.boo: The spatula-shaped digital cookbook

We find so many great recipes for our woman to cook for us on the Internet, but there is no way to give them the recipe unless we want to print out the whole thing. What a waste of paper! The coo.boo is a spatula-shaped digital cookbook that automatically syncs through a wireless dock. The coo.boo is completely washable and ...

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